What if recycling could become a habbit?

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Keep scanning and recycling items, and receive prizes and our honest gratitude!

Earn drops, and watch your tree grow!

Compare your results with the rest of the world, and watch your actual contribution to the greener earth!

Keep in mind: Each bulk-recycling process is counted as 1 item.

No sweet without sweat

You deserve it!

The more you recycle, the faster you will reach the diamond stage!

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1104, 2018

Current Recycling Industry in Europe and it’s Future

By |Categories: Circular Economy, E-Waste, Europe, Paper & Cardboard, Plastic, Recycling Material|Tags: , |

The electronic and plastic industry is an important part of the European economy. But does it show that we are making good out of this? [...]

1104, 2018

A National Awakening: The Growing Recycling Culture in Nigeria

By |Categories: Africa, Aluminium, E-Waste, Nigeria, Paper & Cardboard, PET, Plastic, Recycling Material|Tags: , , , |

10,000 metric tons In developed countries of the world, there are proper waste management systems and recycling is not a new idea. People [...]

1104, 2018

Glass Recycling – Recycling Process of Glass

By |Categories: Austria, Germany, Glass, Oil/Grease, Paper & Cardboard, Recycling Material, Recycling Process, Spain|

Recycling Process of Glass More firms are utilizing recycled glass to produce their bottles and save operating expenses. Utilizing this material requires significantly less [...]

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