Global Initiative

True story: We live in the 21st century, we enjoy Facebook, we are super social, hyper connected 24/7, but knowledge about recycling of valuable waste is still hard to come by!

We will change that. Together!

Trash reborn!


Stop thinking of trash, think resources with the ability of resurrection!

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The World Wide Waste

Waste Management

Be stunned – see how our waste problems are tackled throughout the globe. Details missing? Become an expert writer yourself!

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Sortin’ Through

Recycling materials

What happens AFTER your valuable recycling materials were collected?

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Our mission

We want to make recycling fun and mainstream. Environmental friendly behavior must become a part of our lives like brushing our teeth.

The rich, the poor, the workers, the CEOs, all have different challenges to master. Integrating Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is essential for all walks of life!

Take a tour and get inspired. Find quick life-hacks, on how you can make the world a better place: one avoided piece of packaging, one reused gadget and one recycled soda can at a time!

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Services & Solutions

Let’s see a tiny fraction of the possibilities.


How do you feel about being together with like-minded spirits? Stop talking, get going: organized cleaning parties!

Recycling Services

Know your Trash! Get details about how to recycle or reuse almost everything!

BIO Fuel Production

How about you take it up a notch, get together with people from the community and create your own BIO Fuel Plant?


Simply from your device! Remind municipalities about their duties or report illegal trash dumps yourself and let the community engage.


You have power! What you buy dictates to the big players what they will bring to the shelves! You can change things!

Waste Collection

Coming soon – never miss a schedule of your local curbside pickups.

Circular & Economy

Let’s create an environment and a society where our Kids can still live! It’s in our hands – now. Be a part of the movement. Change and transform our society for a better future.

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Clients Testimonials

  • Being a manager these days means also to prioritize important tasks before others. Going green is more than a marketing campaign. It is important! Being an active community member helps to stay aware of that! Plus it feels nice to meet people from all walks of life and interact with each other towards a common vision.

  • I did not know and not care about all the effects, that a careless lifestyle has on the environment. Once you start to look out for small changes, it’s actually really easy to improve ones foodprint. Working with the other people in the community shifts your focus to important things. Your first beach cleaning is a life changing event!