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Do you know that the health of a community is directly linked to its environment? Trashing your environment means you are directly causing harm to yours as well as the community’s well-being. Recycling has emerged as a whole package comprising upon some amazing benefits which have helped the mankind in tackling with the problems of excessive waste and pollution. Developed countries have instantly recognized the importance of recycling for the sustainability of mankind and this attitude has prompted developing countries to adopt the same strategy. If you are still unsure about how recycling can help the environment and community, here is a quick look at its advantages for both:

Benefits of recycling for the environment

Natural resources are what keep us alive. There is no life if there is no water to drink or food to eat. Unfortunately, we are head deep into our lust of getting the best. Our quest for modernization and convenient lifestyle is causing irreversible damages to the natural balance of life on earth. Even for a single local development project, hundreds of trees are cut down on daily basis and no one bats an eye on these actions. Deforestation has already depleted precious habitats and ancient woodlands. Recycling is the way to preserve natural resources. Instead of extracting new material, burning up natural fuels and destroying natural habitats, it is high time that we started reprocessing recyclable goods to meet our needs.

Recycling cuts down fuel and energy consumption, the excess of which results in increased carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emission in the environment. Our climate needs us to step up for its protection now more than ever. The effects of global warming are already evident from the abrupt weather changes, flooding of oceans, weather extremities and rapid melting of ice caps. If we do not revert to recycling in order to control greenhouse gas emission, we will soon run out of time to save our planet and the consequences will be horrible beyond our imagination.

Cuts down landfill garbage

Landfills are going to get filled to the brim over the next couple of years. The sad thing is that none of us wants to understand that decomposition of landfill waste takes years and we take only a fraction of a minute to throw plastic and related goods away. Recycling is our chance to prevent landfills from overflowing by reducing our routine waste.

Benefits of recycling for communities

Communities are amongst those factors which take up a lion’s share in waste production. Human communities generate tons of waste within a few months which ends up in incineration furnaces or landfills- the former being the cause of air pollution and the later is running out of space to contain anymore waste. Recycling on community level helps in the promotion of mutual efforts by encouraging the people living in that particular area. When neighbors share their thoughts and experience regarding the benefits of recycling, it helps in spreading awareness about the importance of recycling. It has been recorded that community efforts of recycling are more effective than individual efforts.

Communities which recycle together, invest together. When people get to know the extensive advantages of recycling, they become more willing to promote the trend. For this reason, residents invest in setting up new recycling units and purchasing recycling equipment so that everyone living in a community equally gets to reap the benefits of recycling.

Recycling of waste has created extensive job opportunities in the recycling and manufacturing industries. Whole new recycling divisions are being created at every level and they demand the recruitment of new employees. Recycling has already provided employment for thousands of individuals. The creation of job opportunities helps in improving the living conditions of residents which helps in the betterment of a community.

Educates new generation

Children learn from what adults do, not from what they say. It is a proven fact that your kids will adopt your habits more than they will remember your teachings. The best way to cultivate good habits in the new generation is to be practical with and in front of them. When adults of a community are passionate about recycling, the children get inspired too which educates them for betterment. In this way, recycling in communities helps in the cutlivation of good habits among a new generation which will be living there.

Develops a sustainable community

Recycling is the only valid way of sustainability in today’s rapidly dying world. Recycling helps communities reprocess their waste and save energy and resources so that they can steer towards sustainability. Community-level recycling, if done correctly and consistently, can help in developing a sustainable world in which every resource is equally available for everyone.

The above statements clearly expose the many benefits of recycling for the environment as well as communities. If recycling is correctly done on any of these levels, it will directly improve the condition of the other level. So get up and start recycling today!

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