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Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly, earth-conserving process which can be used to earn a good deal of profit. Although there are several things of everyday use which can be recycled to earn a penny or two, recycling some particular things can offer you more profit.

Profit determining factors

Almost everything in your home, around you and even your hair, is recyclable. But a number of factors play a major role in determining which thing will offer you more profit after recycling.


Recycling something that has limited natural or synthetic reserves will offer you more money than recycling the ones which have ample renewable resources. For example, recycling scrap metal will give you more money than recycling bottle corks.

Energy requirements

Excess use of energy used in manufacturing, as well as recycling, greatly affects the profit you can earn from it. Recycling something that has high manufacturing energy demands is definitely going to be more profitable for you. For instance, you can manufacture 20 aluminum cans by using the same amount of energy required to manufacture one aluminum can.

So, let’s move on to a well-inspected list of top 10 most profitable things to recycle

Omnipresent Aluminum cans

Aluminium cansBeverages as well as aerosol containers have aluminum in them. Aluminum is one of the easiest metals to recycle. Due to its effortless and highly profiting recycling, almost two-third of the current aluminum in use has been obtained from recycling old aluminum. It also has limited reserves and takes a lot of manufacturing energy, meaning it offers you a guaranteed profit. These wide-spread, empty aluminum Cans can earn you a good deal of money from beverage and aerosol manufacturing companies.

Scrap metal is the cash metal

Recycling metal MountainScrap metal such as bronze, copper, brass and stainless steel are abundantly found in scrap yards. While you are visiting these yards, don’t forget to bring a magnet along with you to test which of the metals is ferrous and which is non-ferrous. Typically, non-ferrous metals are profitable metals. The reason to frequent scrap yards is the same as that of profitable recycling. Not only recycling scrap metal saves energy, but also it saves the reserves which may otherwise be exploited in their manufacturing. You can collect scrap metal from your home and deposit into community backyard or any other organization to earn good money.

Plastic bottles and glassware

Plastic bottles are hugely used by world population to meet store soda as well as pure water. A huge amount of people is resorting towards the usage of mineral or pure water to escape the hazards of contaminated water. These plastic bottles can earn you a lot of money when submitted to special recycling organizations. You can earn 5 cents per bottle from California State and 10 cents per bottle by Michigan State.

Used up car batteries and tires

Car batteries contain certain electrolytic chemicals which can be remodeled to obtain pure electrolytes. Similarly, tire companies are in search of used up tires to create new ones. Recycling worn out tires of your motorbike or car and used up batteries of your can give you a good sum. You can earn gift cards up to ten dollars or earn varying sums from scrap yard owners.

Empty ink cartridges

Man throwing plastic bottle in recycle trash canMany of us use printers in our offices as well as homes. Ink cartridges are used in all of these printing machines and returning them can earn you a good amount of cash. A number of office supplies and stationary companies offer you points which you can use for special discounts on certain items. Similarly, you can also earn some cash after recycling a specific number of ink cartridges at some stores.

Bygone electronics

Electronics, such as smart phones, laptops, washing machines and personal computers, always hold a good deal of worth even after they stop working. Most of the smart phones have LEDs and chips made out from special ores and expensive metals such as platinum and gold. Each and every part of your bygone electronics holds a specific value and their added worth can give you a good sum of cash if you recycle them.

Cosmetic and food packaging

Cosmetics and food packaging come in the form of plastic sheets and hard boxes. All of this packaging material can be treated and molded to be re-used in creation of more packaging. Plastics used in food and cosmetic packaging are usually of high quality and recycling them can earn you great profit. Similarly your plastic as well as aluminum foils which are used to cover stored food can also prove to be very fruitful for you when recycled.

Books, newspapers, magazines

We all have books, pages, newspapers and magazines lying around in our homes. Usually, most of the paper manufacturing industries like to recycle high quality writing paper to make low-quality magazine paper. The material and energy which is used to make writing paper can be recycled dozens of times to create magazine and newspaper. The same magazine paper can be recycled to make newspaper. Recycling these paper forms can offer you a good amount.

Light bulbs and wood waste

You can not know it, but fluorescent tubes and Light Bulb s can be recycled and modified to create more light bulbs. These recycled light bulbs can be sold at half the price of the actual one. In underdeveloped countries, these lamps have a high value. Recycling these lamps and selling them in the right market can bring you a lot of profit.

Medicinal and aluminum foils

Medicinal packaging uses common aluminum foil. Here again you can recycle the aluminum and medicinal foil to earn a lump sum.


Recycling is a world saving activity. This practice can be used in profitable ways which are equally benefitting to you as well as the nature. Recycling all the above mentioned profitable things will make you love recycling even more. Make sure to follow certain rules and regulations before you step into recycling to avoid getting obsessed with it.

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