Recycling of Glass

///Recycling of Glass



How is glass recycled? What are the most common glass recycling techniques? Waste reduction creates many of the bottles, you use every day.


The old bottles are first crushed. This takes the product and makes it a smaller size. With this smaller size, the green energy machines have an easier time handling the items. You might have bottles of all shapes and sizes. You might have old windows or even windshields. There are a lot of items that have these important materials in them. When they are crushed, they are reduced to the same size. Then, they are easier to handle, maneuver and process. These are also easier to transport. You might see a truck that has the special purpose of collecting cans, cardboard and plastics. These are then sorted into their special materials. Then, they are divided into each material. This makes it easier for the the end processors.


When the pellets of the materials are collected, they are then fed into large vats. These materials are then melted. When melted, they can be put in large pools. Each color of the material will be placed in a separate place – clear, yellow, blue and brown. This coloring is then removed. This melted material is very hot to the touch. The workers must wear safety goggles and clothing to handle this hot material. It is important to be very safe during the entire process.


Finally, the molten material is recast into bottles and other items. These can then be resold. It is important to list that these have been reused on the labels. Truth in advertising is important. Some people like the new materials and some are fine with the reused materials. The materials are heated up to remove any impurities. The goal is to kill all of the bacteria, so no one becomes sick when they use the reused material. The reused materials might be on your store shelves today. They save a lot of money on landfills. Recycling can open up space in the landfills. Glass is one of the easier materials to recycle. You might see the finished product in the bottles, you use every day.

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