Reduce both buying and consumption. Not only will your carbon footprint get smaller, you’ll also save money, save time and feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed. Lean living can be fun!
Use your buying power

Companies want to sell services and products. That’s their universial aim. Usually they also want to have happy customers, as those tend to buy again. By our decisions which products we buy we directly influence what companies produce.
Reduce waste

We don’t need to reuse or recycle those things, that we don’t have to begin with. What do we really need? Minimalism is not everbody’s piece of cake, but conciously looking what we buy, which environmental costs are related to those products, is something that each of us can consider.
Reduce consumption

Less is more. Do we really need to eat strawberries all year around? Isn’t it enough (and actually something special to look forward to!) to buy them when they are in season? This french camembert (unless lucky you lives in France…) is very tasty – but is this joy really worth the environmental costs?

23 09, 2018

O que os consumidores podem fazer para reduzir o desperdício reduzindo sua pegada de carbono e viver vidas minimalistas sem perder a qualidade de vida?

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What is the Carbon Footprint? O mundo moderno nos oferece tantas conveniências e produtos que mal podemos pensar no lado mais sombrio dessa medalha. Banhando-se no [...]