DROPS – figures * data * facts

///DROPS – figures * data * facts

Drops App – Statistics and Achievements.

What gets measured gets managed!

Have a look at the quick overview of Drops-App.

Numbers don’t Lie!

Besides rewarding you with prizes for recycling, the drops-app sums up major points for you and every member of the EarthSquad! Have a look at the real numbers: What have you recycled during the day, in a month, during the whole year! What natural resources were saved thanks to you!



Due to data volume and complexity of calculations, not all statistics are updated in real time.

Badges, Badges!

As you recycle more and more different products, you’ll receive Badges for the most common recyclables.

Badges come in

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

While bronze is rather easy to achieve, the other levels are increasingly harder.

Earning a diamond badge takes commitment.

Badges and their details

For each earned badge, you can click on it to re-live the moment, when you first received the popup.

Popups will always inform you when you earned a new badge.

Badges can be also earned for Cleanuminati, Trashspotters and consecutive login days.

Hard facts!

Statistics for you and all members of the Earthsquad. Here we’re crunching the numbers.

Check out how many valuable materials you recycled during the week, the month, the whole year, and how much weight these quantities resemble!

Progress is motivating!

Resources saved

The reason we recycle is not only to reduce the load of the landfills. We also do it to reduce consumption of natural resources:

  • Water (liters)
  • CO2 (tons)
  • Energy (KiloWatt)
  • Trees (1 Tree = 1000kg plain wood)

There is no 100% correct calculation of all those resources. Production techniques and used materials vary around the world.

Other interesting points

As you use the drops app to recycle, you gain recycling points.

Any day that you recycle, is counted as a login day.

Every cleaning event you create on Cleanuminati.com, is not only highly appreciated, but also gives you lots of recycling points and drops.

Same goes for new entries in Trashspotters.com – just make sure to use the same login as for Drops app.

Knowing how much you contribute to a better earth with your recycling efforts, is motivating and stimulating!

Read the other articles of this series in the blog, and find out what else there is to know. There’s an active community in our Forum eager to hear about your experience. Above all: Have fun using the Drops App!

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