Meet your garbage!

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Meet your garbage

One of the things we usually take for granted, is our garbage.

We throw our trash away, and never really want to hear from it again. Our house may now be clean, but the trash did not vanish! It went somewhere, together with the trash of millions of others! It’s still on this planet, piling up for years, and polluting the environment. What we want to do here is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle it.

The majority of our trash is recyclable.

If only we put recycling in our routine, it would be enough to clean up our huge mess. Luckily, recycling has become more widespread and popular over the last years. Yet still people have a lot of questions about it, especially in countries that are new to this.

Most of us have often been unsure whether to throw something into a recycling bin or to the trash:

  • What if the plastic is not PET?

  • Is it worth recycling this small battery?

  • Am I polluting the environment by throwing oil down the sink?

  • What to do with oil anyway?

  • Is it ok to put recycled paper into paper recycling?

  • Am I doing the right thing?

  • Is this just another trend?


Knowledge brings confidence into our actions.

So let’s make some things clear. What can be recycled from our household? What to do with the things that cannot be recycled? How can one single person make a difference, when so many others couldn’t care less about recycling? Well, read on and find out!

„The majority of our trash is recyclable“

Symbol me crazy!

Recycling of Plastic

Gimme a Break!

Recycling of Glasses

Save those Trees!

Recycling of Paper

Yes we CAN!

Recycling of Metal

Worms and other Friends

Food Waste and Bio compost

What happens in Sewerage, stays in Sewerage..

Recycling of household Liquids

E-Waste – Waste your E!

Recycling of Electronics

Keep calm and don’t!

Recycling of Batteries

Tetra-Pack: Light for you – hard on the environment!

Recycling of Tetra-Pak

There is more!

Browse the site, search the Blog to find even more information and details. See TrashHacks for quick tips, what you can change right now to reduce, reuse and recycle more!

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Reuse / Share products

  • Recycle properly

Bring me in

Ready to go the extra mile?

Going an extra mile for the environment is the sane thing to do!

Don’t stop at what everybody is doing anyway.
We are not here to judge the others‘ (in)actions.
People will not follow your words, but your example. Be the change that you want to see!

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