17 08, 2018

Company Portrait: Lenzing Group

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Lenzing is a cellulose wood and fiber manufacturer for the textile and non-woven industry. Their mission is to make sustainable fibers that keep a balance with “people, [...]

9 08, 2018

Recycling in the European Union affected by density

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Countries in the European Union have different population densities, from the highly dense Malta, Netherlands and Belgium to the sparsely populated, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia. Population density [...]

21 07, 2018

Recycling in Austria – An elaborate and strictly enforced system

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Austrian consumers are really good at sorting waste: 96 % of them separate their packaging waste from general waste. According to a Euro-barometer survey, 99 percent of [...]

8 06, 2018

The World’s Recycling Habits

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Introduction Global Overview What Are We Wasting? Collection Processes North America The Best Recycling Programs in North America US Colleges Leading Recycling Programs The Numbers South America [...]

1 05, 2018

The Swedish 99% recycling model

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98 About two years back, Sweden made the news for their exemplary achievements in the race against greenhouse gas effects, and other environmental degradative practices, [...]

1 05, 2018

Paper Recycling: A focus on Germany and Nigeria

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The invention of paper as a cheap alternative to storing and information retrieval which helped information dissemination and education. With an ever-increasing population, the uses and application [...]

11 04, 2018

Glass Recycling – Recycling Process of Glass

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Recycling Process of Glass More firms are utilizing recycled glass to produce their bottles and save operating expenses. Utilizing this material requires significantly less energy and [...]

11 04, 2018

Current Recycling Industry in Europe and it’s Future

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The electronic and plastic industry is an important part of the European economy. But does it show that we are making good out of this? The answer [...]