Topics around reuse of materials and products

If you can’t avoid buying them, reusing is in most cases still better for the environment than recycling. Reusing means giving things a second/third/fourth life, less pollution and usually saving money. It can also mean to provide cheap/free help for people in need (for instance clothes or containers for medication for people in developing countries).

Ideas for reusing

Ideas for all kinds of products and materials, starting from simply using an existing product in a different way to fully blown DIY-Projects like building a Kayak from PET-Bottles.

Reuse vs. Repair

Often products that reach the End of life can get an extension by simply repairing them or disassembling them and providing the still functional parts for other similar devices (this used to work particularly well with older cars).

Reuse by selling to others

In many parts of the world various products can be useful for others and can be sold through sites like Craigslist or on Facebook Groups. Additionally to avoiding the cost of recycling, one can sometimes earn a little extra money.

14 09, 2018

Fairphone – not fancy, but sustainable

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Smartphones, for all of their utility, are inherently problematic. The problems stem from three sources. Firstly, some raw materials in smartphones originate from conflict or unstable countries. [...]